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I'm a barely animated corpse

and I have to pee.

bronxelf (The NYC Chamber of Commerce in Chucks.)
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The King is dead.

The King is dead.
Bobby Fischer
March 9, 1943- January 17, 2008
Long live the King.

"Chess is like life. Always see three moves ahead-- five if you can manage it."- Jeff Korman

Got game?

New York City Native.

Carbon Based.

INTJ Poster Child.

"She is of the city. No, wait stop, rewind, playback. The City is of her.
Urbanmancy is an art, City grafting a skill, both are well known to her.
The concrete that surrounds her comforts and heals all wounds. The steel
and glass are good close friends on lonely nights as the wind whips up 7th
from the park. Some people are born somewhere. Some though, are native.

In return for the gifts the City has given freely of itself, there is
building, design, architecture in its purest form. The art and craft of
making where there was not. Of using space to compliment both the
surroundings and its own intrinsic concept. Giving back is key. Living
freely, yet honestly, is key.

There are wounds, some are raw. If they are your problem you will be
informed. If they aren't? Show some respect. You'll get twice its worth
in return. If there are questions, ask them. Just understand you may not
like the answers, that is your problem, no one else's.

You are as welcome as you make yourself, but the rules here are not yours.
They are hers. You set your rules in your space. Give and take. Build
and renew. Dance and dream. These are the keys.

-- Pulse

Boulevard of Dampened Dreams.
Photo by Lars Lunde

I Support Equal Marriage Rights, because everyone should have the right to be a fucking idiot.
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